Public organization "Sun rays"

Public organization "Sun rays" started its work in March 2009. This was the establishment of group of children development by Montessori system and music classes of the YAMAHA music school for children aged from 4 months.

In 2010, training programs were opened to play the synthesizer and the guitar for the youth and in 2011 opened the program of development of children in an integrated environment where children with special needs could develop and interact with their peers who do not have these problems. Live music sessions and workshops are held in groups. For children who do not attend the center, orientation sessions for various disciplines are held once a month. School for parents began its work, where parents learn how they can continue the development of the child by Montessori system in home conditions.

Our musicians - permanent members of city events such as The city feast, the festival of "Happy Family", Childhood celebration and Christmas performances. Twice a year, we organize festivals for children of our center and their parents. We are planning to open new programs: preparation for school and summer workshops for pupils.

Programs and the training process of the centre are supported by the City Council, City Social management, The management of education. In June 2011, we received the status of charitable organization.

Our center is attended by children from different towns of Latgale, and in the summer from Europe. In 2012, we won the Social Fund project "Strengthening of the society.

Creation of the Innovation Center Montessori in Daugavpils”. Within the project three teachers had the opportunity to train by Montessori system(from Daugavpils, Adazi and Kraslava) In March 2013 the Innovation Centre Montessori is opening its doors in Adazi. Also we cooperate with the public organization "Sunny candle" to help children with special needs.

Our project partners are also the Latvian Red Cross, non-governmental organizations in Latvia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Our doors are open to all children and young people, of different nationalities, and dispite the problems that they may have.

We are ready to share our experience in the development and to help anyone who needs it!

5-year action plan specifies the following goals:

  1. Provide high quality of pre-school education and training to primary education.
  2. Provide high quality of musical education; participate in the city cultural events and festivals of international importance.
  3. Open new developing programs for children and students, using innovative new techniques.
  4. Create right conditions for the integration of children with special needs in early childhood education.
  5. Consultation and workshops for parents and teachers who work with children with special needs in collaboration with social services.
  6. Provide various interests groups for children with special needs, which suit them, involving relevant experts.
  7. Cooperative work with the medical institutions of recovery correction.

The main principle - complex work of professionals, parents and children.